Artist Tara Funk Grim, Original Art Paintings and Prints, Seashore and Beaches, Boardwalks, Flowers, Bethany Beach Delaware


The giant painting is finished. I feel flat neither joyous or sad the journey has ended. It was the toughest. We have spent a lot of time together. Quality time. Painting to artist. Sealer has been brushed on by hand to protect it for the future. A new life birthed. We are done.

This is what keeps me painting. The journey. The ah ha moment of discovering how the content, the original idea for the painting, contemplation in this case will manifest visually. Life has come forth from the place of creation. It is something that I have never seen before. I never could have seen the ending at the beginning of the painting. I showed up, did the work to the best of my skills, and made artful choices based on my intuition and experiences. Some call it the Hail Mary moments. There were lots of them.

I am amazed.