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Gifts and masterpieces

It’s so funny. I haven been writing a blog about gifts and masterpieces since 6 am. it was heartfelt and thoughtful and worthy of reading.

I accidently deleted it. I guess that happens in moments of creation. This could be the moment now for recollection or maybe a better truth. I have to believe that. It’s much easier to walk away, shed a few tears over lost time and lost message. Even if no one ever reads it.

Maybe masterpiece comes from pure inner determination and persistence in manifesting personal truths. And from failure. Everywhere. In dreams, goals, daily lives.

Gifts? Yep, we all have them. Mine is not writing for sure. My heart is wide open in this giant painting journey I have been on the past month or so. It is always present and has reawakened my connection to creation. I am tender everywhere.

Some inklings of bliss would be welcome now even for an few moments.