Artist Tara Funk Grim, Original Art Paintings and Prints, Seashore and Beaches, Boardwalks, Flowers, Bethany Beach Delaware

Journey into the Unknown

For the past month or so I have been working on the largest painting I have ever done. It is also totally abstract which I have never attempted AND it is a commission. That’s three things.

In the pursuit of painting, I have always loved the journey into I the unknown to discover more and to rely on intuition and experience and see what is revealed and what I have learned. This is the longest time I have worked on the same painting, weeks in a row. Everything in my life is immersed in the state of not knowing. I have forgotten how it feels to be totally lost in bring a painting to life. All my attention is directed to the painting.

The painting looms large in my studio. All I have to do is continue to show up in the studio.