Artist Tara Funk Grim, Original Art Paintings and Prints, Seashore and Beaches, Boardwalks, Flowers, Bethany Beach Delaware


We had to rent a truck to take the giant painting to its new home. I never got a chance to be with it. To look deeply at what actually manifested. It was too big for my studio to view.

Inviting Thought is just where it should be. It’s perfect. It brings a new life and an amazing energy to the room that only an original painting can do. Like seeing an original Van Gogh. The spirit of creation is captured visually for all time. You can see it and and feel it within you.

The new owners, Sharon and Paul Dillon, have met their new painting. There are similarities of meeting a new baby. The appreciation and personal meaning deepens with time. I am grateful to have been on this journey for them. I have learned more. My faith in the process deepened. I have been an instrument of creation.This whole painting thing goes way past the creator. When we’re done we’re done. The painting now has its own life. I have an inner knowing that a deeper meaning and truth will be revealed for those who spend time with it.