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SOS, Persistence, and a Beer

It took an SOS to dear friend Morgan just to validate I might be on the right path. She was there in a flash. Creating is lonely. I have never seen what is manifesting before me layer after layer.

Where is the structure? The meaning? It has to mean something. It just can’t be a painting of techniques layered upon itself with a nice little section over here and another one over there. Thinking and looking, I ask what do you want to be? Morgan suggests this and that possibility. I am clueless but encouraged. Someone has seen the painting and possibilities. Sometimes you just need a friend to share your journey even for a few moments.

In the doing of the painting the content emerges, very slowly. I work a smaller section of the painting in the upper corner just for some direction and possibly a clue. The giant painting is upside down on my easel. Drips and merging of washes produces beautiful passages. Hours are spent like this, painting and wondering and asking. Just doing …. And in that an inkling of discovery. The meaning can only emerge in the doing of the painting, not thinking, researching, talking about it. I have a clue and am so grateful. I think it might be an “ah ha” moment but a quiet one.

Another visitor at the last of the day. This is most unusual. Grant stopped by to work on his chandelier. An interruption and I am possibly wide open in the flow. I offer him a beer for his work well done. We talk over the beer artist to artist. I have no idea what we said other than it was worthy of the moment. Art talk at the end of the day is beautiful and satisfying.